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#ThisFlag: The psychology of movements

The way I see it on April 20 2016, when Pastor Evan Mawarire made this post, the #ThisFlag movement was born – “After the huge response to my ‪#‎ThisFlag‬ video, … Continue reading

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Where does your pain take you?

There is no prayer more fervent that that of a person in pain or trouble. Given the right circumstances even the worst skeptics amongst us WILL pray. I think that’s … Continue reading

April 20, 2016 · 1 Comment

For dreamers only…

I made my first dream book in 2010. This was after years of drifting through life, making and unmaking plans. Praying and praying again for my hopes and aspirations to … Continue reading

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Does Zimbabwe need a Romeo and Juliet law?

Zimbabwe erupted in a mix of euphoria and confusion this past week when the Constitutional Court judgement on child marriage was announced. Many rejoiced at the landmark judgement which in … Continue reading

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Your turn will come

Sometimes it may feel like others are leaving the train station sooner than you are. You look at your life and it seems that others are “making it” while nothing … Continue reading

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Things mama never said: Sex should never be payment for anything

The world has this crazy idea that a woman’s sex can be bought and sold. Many see it as a medium of exchange. Some girls will use sex to get … Continue reading

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Things mama never said: Booty calls

*I imagine myself someday with my daughters curled up by the fire, toasting marshmallow talking about all the things that mama never said to me. Here is some of what … Continue reading

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