KombiTales: WiFi on the go

Sometimes kukwira kombi can be like kuenda kubhero with everyone shouting and trying to entice you to pick them instead of the other. "Town here sister?!" shouts one. "Huyai mukwire iyi yakanaka kunge imimi!" shouts another. Clearly he understands that flattery will get you everywhere. Just as I am about to enter the one yaconductor … Continue reading KombiTales: WiFi on the go

Tanga wandida…

The media and social networks have been buzzing with allegations that Jah Prayzah, Zimbabweans musician of the moment, sexually harassed one of his backing vocalists. Some of the opinions given are brutal, naive and maddening for me in particular. This post talks about sexual harassment in general.  This topic hits close to home because more … Continue reading Tanga wandida…

Where does your pain take you?

There is no prayer more fervent that that of a person in pain or trouble. Given the right circumstances even the worst skeptics amongst us WILL pray. I think that's why God said, "Every knee shall bow..." Something inside each and every human knows where to go when all hope is lost. We take our … Continue reading Where does your pain take you?

Does Zimbabwe need a Romeo and Juliet law?

Zimbabwe erupted in a mix of euphoria and confusion this past week when the Constitutional Court judgement on child marriage was announced. Many rejoiced at the landmark judgement which in short rules that the minimum age of marriage in all cases is 18 years, for both men and women. In effect this invalidates aspects of … Continue reading Does Zimbabwe need a Romeo and Juliet law?